A pitched roof with attractive shingles really complements the look of a home. You see as much of the roof as you see the painted front of the house. Down through the years we have seen homeowners go from an attitude of, “I don’t want to stand out from my neighbors” to ‘I really like this color on my house, it really stands out!” No matter what your opinion, manufacturers have acknowledged a homeowners wish for variety and have provided more and more colors and patterns to choose from. In past years families often moved every five years or so and we heard customers say, “Just do something is brown (or white or gray), we won’t be here but for a few more years”. But nowadays there is a trend for homeowners to keep houses longer and they want a roof which will not only be long lasting but will really accent their home and provide curb appeal when it does come time to move to a different location. At New Life Roofing we have many options for you to choose from. Check us out and see.