We have over the years heard many homeowners with flat roof systems, whether whole house or partial, disparage their flat roof because of short life expectancy, leaking issues, etc. We tend to forget our roofs unless they are leaking, especially if we can’t see them (like tile, wood, or shingles). The only apparent value for many flat roof customers is that they keep the water out during rains. That’s IMPORTANT!!! Routine maintenance on a flat roof is mandatory, and having a qualified technician checking the roof for sealing around drains, scuppers, pipes, etc. can prevent a BIG problem down the road and prolong the life of the roof system. The old saying, “What you can’t see, can’t hurt you”, does not apply! A few dollars spent to maintain a roof can really pay the homeowner back over time. Knowing your roof is in good condition brings real peace of mind when the wind is blowing and rain clouds are threatening.